The Must-Have Armband for iPhone 5s Users

People face a number of different problems when they set out to purchase the most appropriate armband for iphone 5s. There will be times when the manufacturers claim that their armband is perfect for the user’s iPhone. However, that will not be the case once the band has been ordered and delivered. Other times, the band is too big or too loose or too non-sticky. So what course should the users take I order to get the perfect armband for their phones?

The brand to go for

They should simply forego all other options and choose the STALIONTM slim-fit armband for Apple iPhone. This is not just because the armband is reliable but also because it perfectly fits around the iPhone like a glove.


The Stalion Iphone 5 armband comes with a clear case through which the users can easily see the screen of their cellphones. The clear protective cover makes the use of the phone easier and much simpler as the users do not have to take their iPhones out over and over again to use it. This is particularly useful for people who tend to listen to music while they work out. They can easily navigate through their playlist and pick the nest song. The armband is constructed from the nylon/neoprene material to make sure that the user is not irritated when they are wearing the armband. The available color is black.

Other Specifications

The iphone armband also comes with additional pockets located right behind the place made for housing the cell phones. The users can access this pocket by simply unzipping the area. The pocket is extremely convenient for people who are looking to travel lightweight. Simply put, if the users are taking a quick trip to the gym and do not want to carry big, huge bags, they can easily store their keys and some money inside this pocket, along with their identification cards. They would not have to worry about the items being stolen – they are stuck against the body and can be reached very easily.


Easily the best Iphone 5s armband, Stalion’s latest triumph is also its cheapest armband. If one buys it from retail shops, it is available for $29.99 only. The rate is far lesser than what other firms, who give the same specifications, are charging for their armbands. However, there is a way to attain these armbands at an even reduced cost. If it is bought from the Amazon online store, there is a whopping $20 discount and the armband can be attained for only $9.99. The shipping weight of the good is only 0.3 ounces. Consequently, the travel expenses are non-existent. The customers will only have to pay the retail price being shown to them. Moreover, buy three new armbands and pay only $8.99 as the initial discount.


As can be expected, the armband for Iphone 5s has been getting extremely positive reviews from the consumers and the critics. They have all praised the efforts put in by the firm to make sure that the armband works for every body type. Its reliability and durability has been amongst the most admired qualities.

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