STALIONTM Slim-Fit Armband for The Apple Range

Mainly designed for athletes, an iphone armband is used when one cannot place their phones inside their pockets or anywhere else. In fact, people prefer wearing armbands more than adjusting phones inside their pockets simply because the armband is more convenient and easy to use. Carrying along a bag or smaller case is still not efficient enough if people intend to use their phones as mp3 players. In this case, the armband plays a vital role in making sure that the wearer can work out while they jam to their favourite tunes.


The stallion slim-fit Iphone 5 armband is easily the best armband on the counters right now. There are many things that work in its favor. Its material, for one, is easily the highest quality of nylon available. It is true that most of the armbands are manufactured sing the nylon or the neoprene design. However, most of these materials are brought in at very cheap prices, which means that the quality of the goods automatically fall. The armbands manufactured out of this cheap material are neither reliable nor durable. However, the Stalion armband has been made from nylon materials which have been spun and bought from within USA, ensuring the highest quality levels.
The armband is also extremely lightweight – one hardly remembers its existence when it is put to use.

IPhone Compatibility

The armband works great with the entire Apple range – whether it is the latest iPhone or the oldest iPod touch. However, it has been specifically constructed as an armband for Iphone 5s. The size of the phone holder perfectly matches the size of the latest iPhone. The manufacturers realized that ever since the latest iPhone hit the market, the availability of armbands for that specific phone have been surprisingly low while the demands have only risen. Consequently, they came up with the idea of manufacturing an armband for iphone 5s specifically.

Samsung Compatibility

Even though the armband is made purely for the Apple brand, the armband also works well with the Samsung Galaxy range. In fact, there have been reports of it being used for that purpose too. Many customers have said that they have successfully used the armband with their Samsung Galaxy S4 and the S5. Other phone of about the same size will also be able to fit inside the armband.


The Iphone 5s armband is available in black color only. The manufacturers wanted to incorporate more range but they were advised by their experts to not produce it in any other color – and they were right to do so. Armbands usually soak up a lot of sweat when people work out. Consequently, it has to be washed frequently. Sometimes, the sweat marks do not go away and they look unsightly if the color of the armband is too light. So, black truly is the best color to go for. It will hide the stains and make sure that no marks are visible in the armband. Black color is usually preferred by the customers too – the specifically asked the manufacturers to produce a black armband.

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