IPhone5 Armband

Smartphones armband as the name suggests is band with a collar to be worn around the arm while placing the smartphone in the arm pocket. IPhone armbands have gained popularity in previous years.


If you’re involve in some kind of fitness gaining exercises like cycling, jogging, running, gym workouts or even doing your work at office; one cannot afford to lose his smartphone while performing these activities. So an armband is the right choice to have your phone with yourself all the time. For instance, endomondo or various iPhone apps for sports tracking needs to have your smartphone in your pocket or nearer to body, which is difficult to adjust because it might get dropped off from your pocket while jogging or running. Same is the case with listening music under these circumstances.


• Armbands should be sweat and water proof.
• Iphone5 armband should be flexible, light weight and adjustable.
• It must have ports so that one can listen to the music easily.
• To interact with your iPhone 5, arm pocket must be designed in a way that user can easily interact with smartphone’s interface without any disturbance.


Various iphone5 armbands are available on different websites, amazon.in offer various armbands for iphone5.

Belkin Ease-fit Armband for iPhone 5/5s

Belkin armband is flexible, easy fitting to arm and slim stylish. Price ranges from $20 to $29 ($14.23 on amazon)
Ease fitting offer great support for gym workout and running. Fabric used is light weight and sweat proof.

Sporteer Armband for iPhone 5S/5C/5

Sporteer armband is specially designed for athletes. It is the most durable and flexible armband around and offers more security for your device than others in the market as guaranteed for its stitching. Sporteer armband for iphone5 has some cool features like
• Touch sensitive screen for full interaction with the device
• Pockets for placing your ID and credit cards, keys, and cash
• Sweat and water proof

Price is $24.99.Usually come in black color.one year guarantee.

Incase Sports Armband for iphone5

Incase Armband is bit more costly than the previous described brands. Its official price is $39.95 and deluxe version costs even more but on my list stays number one for its numerous features given below.

Features taken from incase official website goincase.com:

• Sweat proof protection
• Adjustable to fit wide range of arm sizes
• Touch sensitive clear screen cover
• Reflective safety highlights
• Perforated armband for enhanced breathability and comfort
• Hand washable for easy cleaning
• Durable protective cover

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