Play As You Wish With Geosports

Geosports began making news with the demonstration of their new mobile sports app last year at the annual Startup Weekend held in Montreal. With spectators saw revolutionized the way that they view and play sports. This innovative and versatile app easily lets users organize and send invites to teammates as while on the go. Easily connect and communicate with other sports enthusiasts and gain a new love for your sport with the new function from the creative minds at Geosports.

Understanding Geosport
Geosport is quite simply a revolutionary new way to get together and meet new friends who love the same sports as you do. The app easily lets you find the perfect place to meet and schedule a game, while also sending out invitations. It is great for replacing missing teammates, or even an absent golfing partner. With Geosport, you will never forfeit a game or lose a tee time again. This unique mobile app makes it easy to stay active with the sports that you love, all while on the go. You can play as you wish and whenever you want.

Geosport with Kickstarter
With the overwhelming encouragement that Geosport received in Montreal, including winning the coveted Yellow Pages Prize, the developers have decided that it is past time for this app to become operational. This decision is what started the kickstarter campaign. The goal of the campaign is too raise enough funds to begin launching this widely innovative mobile sports app.
The initial phrase will start everyone off with the ability to create and manage one event at a time, within a small, preset radius. As more and more fundraising goals are met, more amazing and innovative features will be released. For example at the $25,000 goal, Geosport will be able to make it possible to meet and organize not only within your personal team network, but also through gyms, training sessions, and even tennis clubs. Another goal that is set will see the ability to implement statistical functions that will let users know data such as how many people play tennis in your neighborhood, or where is the most popular park. All of this makes it easy to play your favorite sport any time you want to play.

In Closing
Geosports is proud and excited to launch their kickstart campaign and have pledged to use 100% of the proceeds to seeing a quick and successful launch of the mobile sports app. While your help is needed to get this application up and running, Geosport still remains a free to use app. Initial users will all begin with the same level of functions, and have the same opportunities to upgrade to new features as they become available. Instead of paying for premium services, users will instead earn points each time they use the app. It is these player points that users redeem for the innovative new functions.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a new way we play the sports that we love, and the kickstater campaign will hopefully make it happen.

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