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The number of internet users is increasing every day, more people join this network of billions of websites and share their credentials for different purposes. Some websites even ask for very personal information such as the social security number, bank account information, credit card details etc. Misuse of such sensitive information could lead to internet fraud, identity theft, transfer of funds because someone could have tracked all the information through a spyware. Therefore, it is essential to have an internet security system that keeps you safe from all these risks and prevents you from such a happening. Webroot is one of the pioneers of the software industry and its revolutionary software “Webroot Internet Security” provides the users with the best protection and the most simplified user interface ever.

Why every internet user needs webroot?

Every user needs to feel satisfied and secured that is why every user needs Webroot.The internet has opened a new realm of opportunities for the users, now internet users can do much more in much less time and by making very little efforts. Al that is need is a computer and an internet connection and you are ready to connect with billions of other users, but this also opens the window of fraud and hacking. A person owning a small business can earn much more by using the internet but he can also be robbed of his hard earned money on the internet as well. The cases of internet fraud and cyber crimes is increasing day by day, people get robbed on the internet and don’t even know who did it and there is no way of getting their money back. Advanced spyware tracks the usage of an individual and record all his information that he enters on a website including his credit card details and bank account information. That information is later used to create fake accounts, funds transfer, impersonation and the damages are unimaginable. One of the greatest risks is faced by the multinational companies that have large networks of systems, once one system gets infected it ends up with infecting the whole network. Priceless data and information is lost with no chance of recovery.

Webroot Internet Security

Webroot is the one stop solution for all your security needs. Awarded as 99.8% effective against malware and 100% effective against zero-day threats Webroot Secure Anywhere is the highest rated, the best and the only protection that you will ever need. It has been designed with the focus on easy user-interface and priced to be in the range of every internet user. Its 14 day free trial can be availed by anyone and it is our guarantee that you will be satisfied and purchase the full version before the end of the trial period.

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