Jailbreak Your PS3

The Jailbreak process of various types of devices has become quite popular these days. Still there is a surprising matter that many of us still do not know what this jailbreak really is. What are the benefits of jailbreak? Does it cause any harm to the devices? These facts should be known by all because these are important.

When you purchase your device, like smartphones, game consoles or tablets from a retailer, you get the device which is included the DRM layers. The DRM layers are included in these devices because of certain security reason. That is a good thing, but it has a bad side too. You can’t use all the types of software if the DRM is on action. For getting rid of that, the jailbreaking process is invented. Like many more devices, you can jailbreak your PS3 too. Jailbreaking PS3 enables you to enjoy some more additional services from your device. You have to follow some certain steps for that.

First of all, you require good jailbreaking software. There are quite a few softwares which are specially designed for Playstation 3Jailbreaking. You will be able to find yourself a good one if you search the web. For example, you can try the software which is named PS3Jailbreak. The software PS3 Jailbreak has some different versions. The newest version of PS3 Jailbreak is 4.41. For PS3 Jailbreaking first you need to download this software. Then there are certain steps to follow. Be careful while following them. Every step is equally important for PS3 jailbreaking. You should connect your USB with your computer or laptop. Then a directory named PS3 should be created inside the directory. After that, create a folder named Update and then copy the file PS3Update.PUP which you will find in the jailbreak tool. Paste that file into the folder named Update. Then the PS3 should be connected with the USB. Select system Updates from settings and then select “Update Via media Storage.” Then select ok and agree to terms. After waiting for sometimes, you will get a fully jailbroken PS3.

When you will want to jailbreak your PS3, some people will discourage you to do that. They will say jailbreking harms the security. We all know that everything has its own pros and cons. It is up to you then. Some of the common advantages and disadvantages of PS3 Jailbreaking is listed below.


  • Jailbreaking enables your PS3 to play MKV videos.
  • Play Pirated Games
  • Game mods and cheats
  • Play many more different softwares.


  • Old firmware becomes permanent.
  • Game updates are not allowed.
  • Cloud storage and Playstation+ services not allowed.
  • Online gameplay not available.
  • Jailbreaking is prohibited by Sony.

Considering all the pros and cons of PS3 jailbreaking some will go with it, on the other hand many will avoid it. There is only one last thing to say about PS3 jailbreaking. If you want to jailbreak your PS3, do it on your own will and at your own risk.

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