The Perfect Armband for iPhone

When people go to take a run, or are working out, they tend to use their iPhones as mp3 players. While some people can work out without it, others just cannot exercise without energetic music blaring into their ears. For people who enjoy a little melody during exercise, an iphone armband is the perfect choice for them. The StalionTM slim-fit armband is amongst the most reliable, durable and user-friendly arm-band available in the markets right now.


The armband has been specifically designed for sports use. This means that athletes and sportsmen can use the band while they workout, practice r are taking a casual walk or run. The cloth used to manufacture the brand is purely nylon. When people buy armbands, one of the most common complaints they file with manufacturing companies is that the material irritates them, and sticks to their skin. This makes their skin itch and the exercise regime becomes uneasy. However, that is not the case with Stalion’s Iphone 5 armband. It is made from a non-sticky material and the experts have made sure that it enhances the experience for users.


Due to the fact that the armband has been designed from a neoprene material, it is extremely lightweight. The designers realize that the armband is supposed to house a cellphone which has its own additional weight. So, the armband for iphone 5s needs to be feather-light as an individual item. A lightweight armband is the ideal choice for workouts and the like. If this was not so, the arm would feel weighed down and as a result, the workout regime will not only become tedious and hard but it can also become extremely dangerous for people to lift heavy equipment if the mind is not completely at ease. One must be fully concentrated towards the workout and since this armband hardly weighs anything at all, it almost feels like it is not even there.


The armband is adjustable and can fit any size easily. The armband for Iphone 5s comes with a strap which has been specifically designed to allow people to adjust the size according to their preferences. So, if the band feels a little too tight, the strap can be easily loosened up. Conversely, if the armband feels too loose and it feels as if it would come off from the arm, one can easily tighten it up. Also, this feature means that the same armband can be used by many people, although one at a time. For example, after one person is done with their workout, the borrower can easily adjust the armband and put it on for a safe and easy workout regime.


The armband is incredibly affordable. The list price of the object is $29.99. However, if it is bought from Amazon, then one can get it for only $9.99. Moreover, the shipping is absolutely free which means that buyers will not have to pay anything more than the retail price of the item. Go for the Iphone 5s armband now, while it is still readily available.

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The Must-Have Armband for iPhone 5s Users

People face a number of different problems when they set out to purchase the most appropriate armband for iphone 5s. There will be times when the manufacturers claim that their armband is perfect for the user’s iPhone. However, that will not be the case once the band has been ordered and delivered. Other times, the band is too big or too loose or too non-sticky. So what course should the users take I order to get the perfect armband for their phones?

The brand to go for

They should simply forego all other options and choose the STALIONTM slim-fit armband for Apple iPhone. This is not just because the armband is reliable but also because it perfectly fits around the iPhone like a glove.


The Stalion Iphone 5 armband comes with a clear case through which the users can easily see the screen of their cellphones. The clear protective cover makes the use of the phone easier and much simpler as the users do not have to take their iPhones out over and over again to use it. This is particularly useful for people who tend to listen to music while they work out. They can easily navigate through their playlist and pick the nest song. The armband is constructed from the nylon/neoprene material to make sure that the user is not irritated when they are wearing the armband. The available color is black.

Other Specifications

The iphone armband also comes with additional pockets located right behind the place made for housing the cell phones. The users can access this pocket by simply unzipping the area. The pocket is extremely convenient for people who are looking to travel lightweight. Simply put, if the users are taking a quick trip to the gym and do not want to carry big, huge bags, they can easily store their keys and some money inside this pocket, along with their identification cards. They would not have to worry about the items being stolen – they are stuck against the body and can be reached very easily.


Easily the best Iphone 5s armband, Stalion’s latest triumph is also its cheapest armband. If one buys it from retail shops, it is available for $29.99 only. The rate is far lesser than what other firms, who give the same specifications, are charging for their armbands. However, there is a way to attain these armbands at an even reduced cost. If it is bought from the Amazon online store, there is a whopping $20 discount and the armband can be attained for only $9.99. The shipping weight of the good is only 0.3 ounces. Consequently, the travel expenses are non-existent. The customers will only have to pay the retail price being shown to them. Moreover, buy three new armbands and pay only $8.99 as the initial discount.


As can be expected, the armband for Iphone 5s has been getting extremely positive reviews from the consumers and the critics. They have all praised the efforts put in by the firm to make sure that the armband works for every body type. Its reliability and durability has been amongst the most admired qualities.

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STALIONTM Slim-Fit Armband for The Apple Range

Mainly designed for athletes, an iphone armband is used when one cannot place their phones inside their pockets or anywhere else. In fact, people prefer wearing armbands more than adjusting phones inside their pockets simply because the armband is more convenient and easy to use. Carrying along a bag or smaller case is still not efficient enough if people intend to use their phones as mp3 players. In this case, the armband plays a vital role in making sure that the wearer can work out while they jam to their favourite tunes.


The stallion slim-fit Iphone 5 armband is easily the best armband on the counters right now. There are many things that work in its favor. Its material, for one, is easily the highest quality of nylon available. It is true that most of the armbands are manufactured sing the nylon or the neoprene design. However, most of these materials are brought in at very cheap prices, which means that the quality of the goods automatically fall. The armbands manufactured out of this cheap material are neither reliable nor durable. However, the Stalion armband has been made from nylon materials which have been spun and bought from within USA, ensuring the highest quality levels.
The armband is also extremely lightweight – one hardly remembers its existence when it is put to use.

IPhone Compatibility

The armband works great with the entire Apple range – whether it is the latest iPhone or the oldest iPod touch. However, it has been specifically constructed as an armband for Iphone 5s. The size of the phone holder perfectly matches the size of the latest iPhone. The manufacturers realized that ever since the latest iPhone hit the market, the availability of armbands for that specific phone have been surprisingly low while the demands have only risen. Consequently, they came up with the idea of manufacturing an armband for iphone 5s specifically.

Samsung Compatibility

Even though the armband is made purely for the Apple brand, the armband also works well with the Samsung Galaxy range. In fact, there have been reports of it being used for that purpose too. Many customers have said that they have successfully used the armband with their Samsung Galaxy S4 and the S5. Other phone of about the same size will also be able to fit inside the armband.


The Iphone 5s armband is available in black color only. The manufacturers wanted to incorporate more range but they were advised by their experts to not produce it in any other color – and they were right to do so. Armbands usually soak up a lot of sweat when people work out. Consequently, it has to be washed frequently. Sometimes, the sweat marks do not go away and they look unsightly if the color of the armband is too light. So, black truly is the best color to go for. It will hide the stains and make sure that no marks are visible in the armband. Black color is usually preferred by the customers too – the specifically asked the manufacturers to produce a black armband.

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Features of a Good Mobile Phone Armband

The general use of an armband is to keep any mobile phone intact when the owner is engaging in physical exercises or any outdoor activities that have the potential to cause damage the device. Although the arm band can serve other purposes, this is its primary purpose. But, not every brand of arm band possesses the most desirable features. For this reason, it is often advisable to take your time when buying any armband. Here are some important features of good arm bands for mobile phones.

One of the most notable features is the size of the armband. This is because the size determines the nature of phones that can fit in certainarmbands. It is often advisable to go for armbands whose sizes are consistent with the size of your phone. In most cases, small tolerances are usually acceptable. If possible, you are advised to go for those that can even stretch out a little because they are perfect for keeping any phone in good shape. However, the phone’s shape must be consistent with the shape of the armband. If this condition is met, your phone will stay in place even when you are engaging in highly strenuous physical exercises.

Before buying any armband, find out whether the armband’s material is strong enough to support the weight of your phone. In most cases, mobile phone’s weightsare usually minimised by the manufacturers in order to make the phones more convenient to use and carry. But, the same weight may just be enough to cause an armband’s material to wear out or tear. If this happened during the course of an extremely strenuous physical exercise, your device would fall and end up being damaged.

A good armband must have tight covers which are not hard to loosen. This might sound ironic because such a property may be detrimental to the safety of your phone. However, this feature is important because it can enable you to easily gain access to your device in emergency situations. Suppose you want to make an emergency call because you are in a very desperate situation, this feature will prove to be viable.

In most cases, good armbands are those which are able to serve secondary purposes. In this day and age, this is very important because it can enable you to perform certain emergency duties when the need arises. For example, you may happen to be in need of extra cash while doing workouts from a nearby gym. If your band’s slots can accommodate debit cards or credit cards, you will easily gain access to extra cash.

When buying any armband, the durability of the armband’s material is of utmost importance. This will determine the approximate life span of your armband. In most cases, the durability of any armband for a mobile device is depicted by the nature of the material. If the band is made out of a material which is strong enough, the armband will also be durable.

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IPhone5 Armband

Smartphones armband as the name suggests is band with a collar to be worn around the arm while placing the smartphone in the arm pocket. IPhone armbands have gained popularity in previous years.


If you’re involve in some kind of fitness gaining exercises like cycling, jogging, running, gym workouts or even doing your work at office; one cannot afford to lose his smartphone while performing these activities. So an armband is the right choice to have your phone with yourself all the time. For instance, endomondo or various iPhone apps for sports tracking needs to have your smartphone in your pocket or nearer to body, which is difficult to adjust because it might get dropped off from your pocket while jogging or running. Same is the case with listening music under these circumstances.


• Armbands should be sweat and water proof.
• Iphone5 armband should be flexible, light weight and adjustable.
• It must have ports so that one can listen to the music easily.
• To interact with your iPhone 5, arm pocket must be designed in a way that user can easily interact with smartphone’s interface without any disturbance.


Various iphone5 armbands are available on different websites, offer various armbands for iphone5.

Belkin Ease-fit Armband for iPhone 5/5s

Belkin armband is flexible, easy fitting to arm and slim stylish. Price ranges from $20 to $29 ($14.23 on amazon)
Ease fitting offer great support for gym workout and running. Fabric used is light weight and sweat proof.

Sporteer Armband for iPhone 5S/5C/5

Sporteer armband is specially designed for athletes. It is the most durable and flexible armband around and offers more security for your device than others in the market as guaranteed for its stitching. Sporteer armband for iphone5 has some cool features like
• Touch sensitive screen for full interaction with the device
• Pockets for placing your ID and credit cards, keys, and cash
• Sweat and water proof

Price is $24.99.Usually come in black year guarantee.

Incase Sports Armband for iphone5

Incase Armband is bit more costly than the previous described brands. Its official price is $39.95 and deluxe version costs even more but on my list stays number one for its numerous features given below.

Features taken from incase official website

• Sweat proof protection
• Adjustable to fit wide range of arm sizes
• Touch sensitive clear screen cover
• Reflective safety highlights
• Perforated armband for enhanced breathability and comfort
• Hand washable for easy cleaning
• Durable protective cover

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Play As You Wish With Geosports

Geosports began making news with the demonstration of their new mobile sports app last year at the annual Startup Weekend held in Montreal. With spectators saw revolutionized the way that they view and play sports. This innovative and versatile app easily lets users organize and send invites to teammates as while on the go. Easily connect and communicate with other sports enthusiasts and gain a new love for your sport with the new function from the creative minds at Geosports.

Understanding Geosport
Geosport is quite simply a revolutionary new way to get together and meet new friends who love the same sports as you do. The app easily lets you find the perfect place to meet and schedule a game, while also sending out invitations. It is great for replacing missing teammates, or even an absent golfing partner. With Geosport, you will never forfeit a game or lose a tee time again. This unique mobile app makes it easy to stay active with the sports that you love, all while on the go. You can play as you wish and whenever you want.

Geosport with Kickstarter
With the overwhelming encouragement that Geosport received in Montreal, including winning the coveted Yellow Pages Prize, the developers have decided that it is past time for this app to become operational. This decision is what started the kickstarter campaign. The goal of the campaign is too raise enough funds to begin launching this widely innovative mobile sports app.
The initial phrase will start everyone off with the ability to create and manage one event at a time, within a small, preset radius. As more and more fundraising goals are met, more amazing and innovative features will be released. For example at the $25,000 goal, Geosport will be able to make it possible to meet and organize not only within your personal team network, but also through gyms, training sessions, and even tennis clubs. Another goal that is set will see the ability to implement statistical functions that will let users know data such as how many people play tennis in your neighborhood, or where is the most popular park. All of this makes it easy to play your favorite sport any time you want to play.

In Closing
Geosports is proud and excited to launch their kickstart campaign and have pledged to use 100% of the proceeds to seeing a quick and successful launch of the mobile sports app. While your help is needed to get this application up and running, Geosport still remains a free to use app. Initial users will all begin with the same level of functions, and have the same opportunities to upgrade to new features as they become available. Instead of paying for premium services, users will instead earn points each time they use the app. It is these player points that users redeem for the innovative new functions.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a new way we play the sports that we love, and the kickstater campaign will hopefully make it happen.

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Try The Fantastic Trojan Condom With Varying Presence Of Features

Everyone loves to enjoy extreme pleasure and satisfaction during the sexual intercourse. The same factor is important to impress your partner and strengthen the relationship.The condom assists you to achieve extreme sexual sensation and pleasure. It also protects you from various sexually transmittable diseases. The condoms are used for gathering the man’s sperm and to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Are you willing to create an impact to your sexual life? Then, you can take advantage of trojan icy hot condoms. It is one of the leading condom brands in the United States. These condoms are used to enjoy extreme and safe sexual intercourse. So, you can enjoy longer lasting sexual intercourse and make your life delightful.

Best Condom Brand:

In general, women love to have active and strong men in their bed. Unfortunately, men suffering with premature ejaculation and other issues will affect the sexual life. To enjoy extreme sexual pleasure, you can make use of trojan fire & ice condoms. This condom comes with extra lubrication system that eliminates the issue of premature ejaculation. This condom brand is facilitated with various interactive features that boost your self confidence and potential. This condom is available in standard sizes that perfectly fit any men with ease. Moreover, it protects you from various infection and STD diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

Extreme Pleasure:

The trojan condoms fire and ice are available in various styles. You can choose the best one that perfectly suits you. The dual action lubrication system makes this condom brand popular all over the world. The lubrication is the most important thing that supports long lasting sexual intercourse. It also used to eradicate some sexual issues like difficulty penetrating and safe sex. The wide range of selection, style and flavor assist men to enjoy full ecstasy. This condom is one of most trusted brands in terms of safety and convenience. This condom allows you to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Safe Condom:

The Trojan condoms are manufactured with premium quality latest and excellent lubrication system. The warm and tingle feature will ensure extreme sexual pleasure to both partners. The innovative reservoir tip increases the comfort and safety level. This condom is manufactured based on United States strength standards. This condomgoes with silicon and water based lubrication system. This condom package contains 10 pieces in a box and comes with long expiration dates. With Trojan ice and fire condom, the extreme sexual pleasure and excitement is guaranteed.

Make Your Sexual Intercourse Delightful:

The trojan hot and cold condoms will offer extreme sexual pleasure to both partners. A lot of men used this condom and are satisfied with realistic and long lasting pleasure. Moreover, this condom acts as a secondary skin and maximizes the sexual pleasure. You can instantly impress your partner to have safe six by showing this condom brand. Sexual intercourse is not about how hot you are. You need to delight your partner with a lot of surprise and excitement. So, take advantage of Trojan fire and ice condom and enjoy your sexual life with 100% safety.

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